MINDeaze is a school-based, community-centered positive youth development program that operates in partnership between North Suffolk Mental Health Association and Winthrop Public Schools/Chelsea Public Schools. The goal of MINDeaze is to strengthen the bond between home and school to promote students’ overall development. By strengthening this bond, a safe and supportive network is created and students are able to more fully excel in all areas of their lives. MINDeaze is committed to your students’ successes in school.

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Our Services

MINDeaze is a voluntary program and completely FREE of charge. Students are enrolled in the program for 2 years (or until they age out at 14). Select your school location from the Menu (left) for site-specific details.

Referral Process »

In Winthrop, referrals are made by teachers and/or staff on the Student Support Team in Winthrop. In Chelsea, referrals are made by the School Adjustment Counselor.

Program News and Updates »

Here you’ll find, monthly calendars, quarterly newsletters, and more!


Our Locations

MINDeaze operates in Winthrop Public Schools and Chelsea Public Schools. The Winthrop classrooms are located in the Arthur T. Cummings Elementary School and Winthrop Middle School. The Chelsea classroom is located in the Williams Complex between Browne Middle School and Wright Science & Technology Academy.


MINDeaze is a family -

Once you join, you’re a member for life.