About Us

Mission Statement

MINDeaze is a school-centered, community-based, positive youth development program.  The program aim is to assist in sustaining a healthy community through preventing substance use, community violence and delinquent behavior, and school drop-out among 8-13 year olds.  We do this by working to promote their overall positive development and academic achievement.  This goal is achieved by creating sustainable partnerships among those invested in the youth: at home, in the school, and in the community.  Families receive tailored services determined by the family with support from the Grant Manager and School Navigator through home visits or regularly scheduled contact with families.


We recognize academic achievement as a strong indicator of future success and a tool for avoiding addiction and crime.  We provide academic support through tutoring, homework help, and facilitating teachers and parent/caregiver communication on student’s academic needs.  Attendance on program field trips is based on academic effort, which we find to be an added motivator for success.


It is our intent to strengthen communication between all the key players in the student’s life.  This means regular weekly contact with teachers and parents/caregivers.  We meet with children 1:1 once weekly for 30 minutes.  The time away from the classroom is intended to increase their overall productivity and decrease behavioral issues in addition to providing them with a positive break during their week.  We are on call during the school day to support all parties should it be necessary.  In order to maximize our program’s efficacy, it is critical that families and MINDeaze staff stay in contact.


Participants receive a monthly calendar and quarterly newsletter outlining special planning and any schedule changes.  We spend time on homework, socialization, bully prevention and education, substance abuse prevention education, art, sports, community service, educational and recreational field trips, and more!

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