Referral FAQ’s


Have a student in mind to refer?

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Who does MINDeaze serve?

MINDeaze works with students identified by the school to prevent early onset substance use, community violence, and school drop out.

how many students are accepted?

There is a total of 30 student cases per school system (30 students in Winthrop and 30 students in Chelsea).

what are the eligibility criteria?

Eligible students include those who are at risk for involvement with substance use, community violence, and academic failure.

Risk factors observed may include struggles with:

  • Academics: poor grades, enrollment in special education, grade retention

  • School/community factors: poor attendance/tardiness, aggression/violent behavior, general delinquency involvement, economic deprivation/poverty

  • Personal factors: delinquent peer group, serious emotional disturbance, suspected/known substance use, victim of child abuse or neglect

  • Family factors: violence in the home, parent criminality, poor parental supervision, parent/sibling substance use, unstable/broken home, DCF involvement, recent traumatic event (divorce, death, displacement)

What can i expect at the intake?

Staff arrange for an initial meeting with the family to discuss the program in more detail, assess how the program can be most useful for the student and family, and sign initial paperwork. Plan for about an hour for this meeting.

how can i refer a student?

Referrals are filtered through each site’s School Adjustment Counselor. As such, referral forms can be submitted to each school’s School Adjustment Counselor. If students meet criteria for MINDeaze and there is space available for the student to join, then the School Adjustment Counselor will contact the family and offer the MINDeaze program to the student’s parent/guardian. You can download the referral form to submit to the School Adjustment Counselor here.

who can refer?

Referrals are made by teachers and or by staff within the school system. These referrals are submitted to the School Adjustment Counselor who can then work with the MINDeaze team to determine if the student meets eligibility criteria.